Hire top talent based on facts, not preconceived opinions.

“73% of job seekers say they have experienced discrimination during a job interview. Luckily, IT SEC CONSULT Unbiased isn’t influenced or colored by unconscious bias and won’t even take notice of applicants’ age, gender, looks, or background.”

IT SEC CONSULT Unbiased is unbiased by design so you don’t see age, gender, clothing, backgrounds and looks, and is built with inclusion and diversity software to perform blind interviews, then evaluate and measure soft-skills and personality traits.

Initially, IT SEC CONSULT will anonymise CVs and applications followed by anonymous psychometric tests aimed at gauging specific competencies for the role.
We then go through the results and work out whether candidates are sufficiently qualified for the role, and then hand the recruitment process over to yourself.

Ensuring an unbiased non-discriminative sourcing process.

If you would like more information about IT SEC CONSULT unbiased recruitment approach, please get in touch with a member of our team